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Nutra-Sport Ltd, a distributor of Nutrasport brand products, is a market leader in nutritional supplement and vitamin products, providing matrix-based products to meet the needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts. Our products are formed by a development team of medical and coaching professionals in line with consumer expectations and feedback.


Matrix based composition
Rapid absorption
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MATRIX based composition

Among our licensed dietary supplements within the European Union, our company focuses on Matrix-based formulations. Our products are made from non-doping and carefully selected ingredients, are free of illicit drugs and comply with the guidelines of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and applicable legislation.


When designing Nutrasport products, we examined the complexities of athlete and physical activity individuals. To avoid nutrient deficiencies, optimal nutrient absorption has been established, a well-understood Matrix Fund has been created to support activities. Combinations of matrix based active ingredients also cover the nutritional need for performance that is sometimes overlooked in a healthy diet.

Remember, in everyday life, it is not always easy to get the optimal diet, that is to say. Our products are made with the scientific necessity of selected raw materials, which are subjected to quality processing and production and are under constant control. A complex challenge requires a complex solution, as Nutrasport Matrix-based solutions provide the perfect solution and contribute to your desired performance!


The daily intake of nutrients and vitamins for exercise individuals may be up to twice or three times the amount of healthy body needed for exercise. According to some surveys, an average adult who performs physical activity only brings in half the desired value. For athletes, the situation is much better, as maintaining internal balance is critical to achieving the required performance. At Nutrasport, we also put great emphasis on keeping the absorption of the products above average.


Today's modern lifestyle and eating habits have changed. They became complexes.
Athletic performance and physical activity can not afford to rely on goal-based results to replace missing components! And to get the right refill, you also need to pay close attention to your body's balance and the need for essential and supplemental ingredients.
All Nutrasport products focus on the complete Matrix-based upload.


Nutrasport products are available from online stores and sports stores. Find our products at our wholesale and commercial partners. If you have any other questions regarding our products, please email us at